Friday, August 22, 2014

New Maps For An Older Adventure

Claytonian sent me two hand drawn maps for AL 1: Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror (DCC).

Claytonian writes about RPGs at Kill It With Fire, and wrote and illustrated DCC module Wizardarium of Calabraxis. He was also one of our earliest playtesters on our DCC products.

If you are looking to pick up Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror or any of our other DCC releases like Perry's Funnel called Playing the Game, or Daniel's CE 5 - Silent Nightfall or HT 1 - The Perils of Cinder Claws they can easily be picked up over at the wazala store with our 50% off ENNIES coupon (for a little while longer).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Out Now!

Prestige Archetype: Blood Mystic

Blood mystic are doubly gifted - their blood carries a connection to both the arcane and divine. This allows them to delve into a breadth of power unavailable to almost anyone else. Blood mystics feel that the distinction between arcane and divine is largely meaningless, for tasks impossible to a mighty cleric or wizard comes naturally to them.

Prestige Class: Mystic theurge.
Build Classes: Oracle, sorcerer.

Role: The blood mystic has a unique palette of powers, and is able to both support her party and control the battlefield. Skimming across such a wide array of abilities forces the blood mystic to make many hard choices, both between what powers to seek in their blood and in how to use those powers.

This will be uploaded to all the stores later today. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Year Five

Purple Duck Games has now entered its fifth year of operation today. So what are we looking at going forward in our 5th year of operation.

Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood

Paths of Power II is one of the last major projects on the queue from our acquisition of 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming from Robert W. Thomson. Over the last year we have worked to finish the individual releases in this series and now we have moved to the compilation/revision phase. These pretty much ends the backlog of products that we received from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. There were other products listed from them in solicitation but they weren't as a stage where text was sitting and authors were waiting for publications.

Lands of Porphyra

Absolutely no one is more excited to have Lands of Porphyra come out then lead developer Perry Fehr. It is a very big process to got through an harmonize the text for the Lands pulling together writing from so many authors. I know many other companies do this all the time, but this is our first large (100+ page) book of this kind. Currently, I'm going through and editing each of the Land entries with Perry which should be done by the end of September. Then I need to add Perry's additional writing including the sample adventure and write my pieces for the book. I'm hoping for an early 2015 release on the Lands.

Prestige Archetypes

The first set of Prestige Archetypes project is almost done and will enter compilation mode in September/October. In the meantime Carl Cramer continues to flood my inbox with new content and we will be launching the second larger set of prestige archetypes called Warrior Prestige Archetypes in September. You can sign up now to the new set though over at our wazala store.

Heroes of .... (The Player's Guides to Porphyra)

The player's guide to the Lands of Porphyra known as Heroes of... (Land) began in 2014 with release of the Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy and Heroes of the Siwathi Desert. Right now I have two more releases on my layout queue and at last four more in some stage of development. We hope to be release one of these every three months to provide richer options for adventurers looking to explore the Patchwork World of Porphyra.

Classes of Porphyra

Classes of Porphyra is an ongoing series of short, tightly-focused pdfs written by Perry Fehr to expand on the options available to the various non-PDG core classes. So far we have seen Bards, Paladins, Barbarians, and Oracles addressed by Perry. These are worked on between his work on other projects. I believe the next one he is writing with focus on Cavaliers. 

Monsters of Porphyra

Monsters of Porphyra is our ENnie-nominated monster book that came out last year and is a bit of a follow up to Forgotten Foes that Stefen Styrsky and I wrote for Tricky Owlbear Publishing. As of this writing Monsters of Porphyra is now 71% paid through I'm waiting for some more distribution money to come in from it. Full-colour monster books are very expensive to make as the art costs as times can be staggering but I really enjoy updating and creating new monsters with my co-author Perry Fehr so to help fund Monsters of Porphyra II we are running it as a patreon project. So far we have put out 50 new monsters in this second volume of the book. So I'm pretty excited with the project so far and patreon helped to reduce some of the initial costs we face on this project. 

Purple Mountain

I'm not going to lie, Purple Mountain is more of a labour of love than it is a successful product line. We have a few fans who regular snap up each new release in this series but it is a product line that takes a loooooonnnng time to break even. As it stands parts 1-4 have all broken even but the last three parts have not done so yet. They are all at about $150 away from solvency. Which if you picked them up at the wazala store would be equivalent to about 25 more customers. I'm sure it will find them eventually but that will not deter us on this project. Perry is currently working on part VIII in this 5-star rated series.

Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores (DCC)

Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores (DCC) is our ENnie-nominated series of Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures set within a dark faerie tale realm. Currently the first part (FT 0 - Prince Charming, Reanimator) and second part (FT 1 - Creeping Beauties of the Wood available in Print at Amazon) are currently available. Both have done well with Creeping Beauties of the Wood being only $12.00 away from breaking even. I know Daniel Bishop is working on the next release in the series and hopefully we will see a couple more releases in the series this year... And anything else Daniel wants to write for DCC.

So that is a snap shot of what is coming up. I'm sure I missed things so if you have any questions about a project shoot them my way.