Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

Bundles: Well it looks like my exercise to create a number of bundles has gone a bit awry. The last bundle I worked on last night was a larger one containing all of our DCC products. I forgot to "balance the discount" before activating it and it went live for a price of $0. Which I didn't discover until late this morning. Over the night there were hundreds and hundreds of emails from Rpgnow in my inbox letting which quickly lead me to the realization of my screw-up. The bundle has been fixed now. Still potentially a costly mistake. In the few hours that the error existed the bundle was "purchased" at $0 a total of 52 times (832 products). That is not the same as the loss of 52 bundle sales or 832 individual sales though but mentally it hurts.

Moral: Don't rush to get finished.

This is not Verazial but it is an avoodim.
Gaming: That aside, I haven't done a ton of Purple Duck Games work today because this is a games day at our house. Perry is our current DM and he is managing the chaos as we delve into the Emerald Spire. We just wrapped up the seventh level of the dungeon but we have lost another character. This brings our character death total to four I think. Three of them have been mine but I think its important to "go big or go home" so it is often just a matter of time.

Verazial was a male avoodim figher (siegebreaker). If you haven't been following along with Porphyra, avoodims are one of the races from Fehr's Ethnology. During the NewGods War many goodly souls were called into service to stand as Archons with the forces of good. Not all measured up to the requirements of the most high. Those failures became known as "The Lost" in Celestial or Avood in Common.

Many avoodim wander the Material Plane trying to find their true purpose and restore their lost divinity. Meanwhile they must struggle with the knowledge that when it counted, when they were most needed they had failed in their duties. Verazial didn't talk much, not that you could with Billy Cutring in the group, but he focused on this craft and his martial form.

Verazial was a siegebreaker. An archetype created by Owen K.C. Stephens for Heroes of the Streets. Siegebreakers excell at smashing into opponents, pulling opponents around, and knocking them down. The archetype says, The siegebreaker is trained to break through lines of enemy soldiers, and that is exactly what Verazial did through seven levels of the Emerald Spire. Throughout the dungeon he stomped and clopped in his magic cold iron spiked full plate. He worked very well as a martial controller. In the end, a badly-wounded Verazial bullrushed a babau demon back through an abyssal portal. He could not escape the magics as the portal closed and was sucked into the Abyss as well. He died on his feet preventing an incursion of demons into Porphyra so at the end he both continued to fail while still serving a greater purpose.

I need to make a new 8th level character to go back to the spire.

Purple Duck Games: The day has been pretty short for work. I suspect tomorrow will be slow as well. But so far.

  • I fixed the DCC Madness bundle this morning. 
  • I recieved new art in from Brett Neufeld for Monsters of Porphyra III. Based on one of Tammy's monster suggestions (pictured right). 
  • I commissioned a new piece of art from Jacob Blackmon. 
  • I recieved a couple Giants for Giants of Porphyra that I will have to review early in the week. It has been a long time since I looked at that book and wanted to get a uniform feel for it before soliciting more material. Sometimes things just land on your desk though (or in this case email). 
  • N. Jolly sent over the scrub document for Kineticists of Porphyra II.
  • I added some background material to the draumrgeiss in MoP 3 that Perry sent over. 
  • Perry continues to send me edits, corrections, and additional text for Monsters of Porphyra II. Gary Dupuis will be doing the cover.
Time to get back to work.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Everyday We're Bundling...

Hawk-man by Brett Neufeld
I am on holidays from right now until February 21st. This should give me plenty of time to work on Purple Duck Games projects. I'm going to try to write about what I'm working on each day. Today, it is all about the bundles.

Rpgnow will be running a "Complete Your Bundle" sale from February 15th to February 25th using a new feature that allows you to complete a bundle but selectively picking up missing pieces (much like iTunes lets you do with partial albums). For this event, I am in the process of creating a number of new bundles:

  • Carl Cramer Presents... (Assassins of Porphyra, Legendary Classes: Sacerdote, Nobles of Porphyra, Prestige Archetypes, Unarmed and Dangerous, Unchained Monk Archetypes, Warrior Prestige Archetypes)
  • Drow of Prophyra (Karza, Nalbrezu, Xelusine)
  • DCC Madness (AL 1-5, AL 6, CE 1-6, Dispatches from the Raven Crowking, Maiden Voyage of the Colossus!, Races of Porphyra: Erkunae)
  • Faiths of Porphyra (Gods of Porphyra, Elemental Lords of Porphyra, Protean Lords of Porphyra)
  • Forgotten Encounters (Forgotten Encounters #1-3)
  • Heroes of Porphyra (Heroes of: the Birdman Mountains, Fenian Triarchy, Deserts of Siwath, Middle Kingdoms, and Azag-Ithiel) 
  • Legendary Classes (Covenant Magic, Further Covenants, Illuminatus, More Covenant Magic, Rune Magic, the Rook, Sacerdote) 
  • Legendary Races (Cyclops, Harpy, Medusa, Rakshasa, Sphinx)
  • Legends of Porphyra (Legendary #1-9)
  • Purple Mountain (Purple Mountain #1-7)
Are there any other bundles I should build? If so I'll get them set-up after our Emerald Spire campaign tomorrow.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Work Continues on Many Projects...

By Gary Dupuis
As always I have way more work than I can possibly get done. I have a week off starting on the 15th of February and I am hoping to start making some progress on several projects. Here is what my slush pile currently looks like:


  • Giants of Porphyra is a series I did an open call for to help populate the Lands of Porphyra with giant-based villains. I have a couple submissions but not nearly enough for a book yet nor to I have a tight enough vision for this book. So I'm going to need to take some time and develop the first couple that have come in and then solicit more entries.
  • Heroes of the Advent Imperiax, Haunted Seas, Hinterlands of Kesh have all been written. They are awaiting layout and art orders. I have started work on the Advent Imperiax but I needed dedicated blocks of time to make significant headway on any of them. 
  • Legends of Porphyra is a semi-secret project that I have started to collect the necessary art for as a ton will be needed for it.
  • Monsters of Porphyra II is in editing with Perry. I have the last of my art in so now we need to finish edits, write additional text, and pull the whole thing together which always, always, always takes much longer than I want it to. Additionally, I need to get a cover done up one I have some funds loosen up.
  • Monsters of Porphyra III continues via my patreon. I have just opened two more premium spots on the patreon page. I'm not sure what I can do to attract more people to the project. If you have any suggestions let me know. My lock-in patrons have requested demons, daemons, and minions of dream this month. 
  • Paths of Power II is in the awkward finalizing stage like Monsters of Porphyra II. I would like to get MoP II done first though so I think Paths will get shelved until the Easter break. 
  • Tyranny and Manipulation is one of the final 4WFG books that needs to be worked on. I have the text but layout and art are needed for it. 


  • Alchemist Codex is a second codex written for the Porphyra Campaign Setting by N. Jolly.
  • Custom Dungeon is an update of a d20 module I wrote for Amalara Games. It was originally part of their Dungeon Dive series. Amalara doesn't exist anymore but since the module was basically 100% open game content I hope to update it using the Pathfinder ruleset so that it can become widely available again. 
  • Dragons Are Above My Pay Grade is a 1st-level dragon-based module written by Jeff Gomez that is currently in development. I'm doing the development on this one so its pretty slow going because it gets bumped whenever new layout projects come in. Kristian Richards has done some maps for me on this project. I just found out he has a patreon as well. 
  • Legendary Classes: Quartermaster is a new class by Carl Cramer that we hope will work well with Paizo's upcoming Ultimate Intrigue. I've had the class for a while and I think even have the art for it so its just a matter of finishing up the NPC and pushing it through layout.
  • The Elemental Lords Awaken! (DCC) is a follow-up module to Perry's AL 6 - Playing the Game. I have the text and map. I'll need to order some art and get the book through layout. 


  • Gedak's Ethnology: Vultaris and Accipetor is a follow up series of books I intend to write in a similar fashion to the Fehr's Ethnology series. I have the art for the first two races but I have not put serious pen to page on them yet. 
  • Overlord is a new psychic class written by Sasha Hall. I need to do a review of it tomorrow (because I didn't get to it this weekend) to make sure it fits with what we are trying to do with Porphyra but I suspect it will. 
  • Psychic Warriors of Porphyra was just turned over from editing by Perry. The email announcement just came in as I was writing this so that is something else new on my to-do pile.
  • Purple Duck Storerooms - I have at least two of these to complete. One by August Hahn on magic items for familiars and one from Perry that I have forgotten about. 
  • Scholar of Paletius is a prestige archetype by Carl Cramer which was solicited because I really liked the discussion of this mixed magic form in the Arcane Anthology. The prestige archetype is based on the Magaambyan arcanist from Paths of Prestige. I consider this release to totally be Owen's fault to putting together such great Pathfinder Player Companion releases.

So that is where I am with the things on my "to-do" list. Typically one of my writers will come to me with pitches to which I should obviously say "No thanks I have lots of things to do right now" but instead I tend to say, "What did you have in mind?".

It is better than having nothing in the queue to write.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Are you ready for the Maiden Voyage?

This week I will doing final edits on the Maiden Voyage of the Colossus. This is the first dual system adventure we have every released. Set in the Patchwork World of Porphyra, this module first debuted at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous 2015 where Perry created it as part of his entry into the Iron GM competition. Later it was updated and expanded for play with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game.

Saturday, December 26, 2015