Sunday, March 22, 2015

Compatibility and Giants

With the assistance of Rick Hershey (and upon the suggestion of Dale McCoy Jr.) we have a Porphyra Setting Compatible graphic. As you may know, all of the content we produce for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is open game content. That includes our setting Porphyra as well.

Publishers in compliance may do the following:
  • Products may indicate compatibility with the Porphyra Campaign Setting.
  • Products may reference any of Purple Duck Games products by name.
  • Eligible products are not limited to the roleplaying game products nor the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game ruleset.
Publishers must adhere to the following terms to gain usage rights:
  • No work may include the word Porphyra in the title.
  • The copyright page or similar notification of each work must contain the following text:
    • The Porphyra Campaign Setting is copyright 2015, Purple Duck Games
  • Providing complimentary copies of works produced under this license to Purple Duck Games (usually electronic copies) would be appreciated (and awesome), but is not required.
Break Evens
We had one book break even this week. It was Legendary Classes: More Covenant Magic by Julian Neale. It was a stock art sale that finally pushed this one past the break even point. So this week I need to change over a number of stock art pieces to profit sharing for Jacob Blackmon. Hopefully there will be more break evens to come. March has been pretty good in terms of sales. It looks like is going to beat in terms of sales this month.

We played Pathfinder this week, well at least Patrick, Perry, and I did. Neither Kent or Tom could play and we were supposed to have a new player this week but some wires got crossed. So instead of a party of 4, we were operating as a party of 2 plus our companions. Patrick is playing a mythic paladin with a pegasus cohort and I am playing a mythic druid/bard with a mawgriff mount. I was knocked down in the final battle to 2 hit points away from death but the paladin and my mawgriff managed to defeat our enemies at last. We are playing through the second part of the Wrath of the Righteous and have already lost one army. It will be a dangerous assault on Drezen.

Two weeks ago I posted an Open Call for an upcoming book called Foes of Porphyra: Giants. We haven't written a lot about giants in the setting even though we initially frames them as one of the two main villain groups in the setting way back at the Open God Project or Gods of Porphyra. We are going to work to fix that issue now. As of right now, Derek Blakely has written the first entry on the Red King (first mentioned back in Legendary I, I think) and I have commissioned Tamas Baranya to do the art for it. Additionally, today I approved 4 more giant pitches for the book from additional freelancers.

New Releases
It turned out to be a much busier week than I intended but I did get a couple of things done. 
This and Next Week
There is two things that matter in the next two weeks.

Mighty Deeds of Arms (DCC)
Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Mammoth Lord/Mammoth Rider

Other than that I need to finish up my classes. I might get some other stuff done but my goal is to get those two items finished before Easter break.

Back to work.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It was kind of a productive week as we worked to get a number of products out the door.

Break Evens
James Lewis's contribution to the Legendary Items series Legendary IX: Legends of Antiquity has now broken even. So far all of the Legendary Items series have broken even except for Legendary Evil and Legendary Armor. I've had a number of requests for a compilation of the series but it would be a really expensive book to compile (upgrading all the art to full-colour; harmonizing all the entries, and rewriting Legendary Evil completely). It will definitely be a long-term project once I can organize the funds and time to do it.

Open Calls
We are currently running an open call on the Paizo boards for pitches for the upcoming Giants of Porphyra book. We have one entry written on the Red King already and we are looking for more pitches to help round out the book. The deadline has been extended to March 20th.

New Reviews
Endzeitgeist has begun to review entries in Carl Cramer's Warrior Prestige Archetypes series as well as continuing to review the Classes of Porphyra series by Perry Fehr.

New Releases
This week we managed to get a couple of releases out the door. First of which was the tatterdemalion for Monsters of Porphyra II. It now resides on the Porphyra wiki and was created with the support of my patreons.

I wrote a new Purple Duck Storeroom release which catalogs all the spell components and spell focused in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. It has almost covered 70% of its costs so far so I expect that probably before the end of the month I will start working on a follow-up to add the spell components and focuses from the Advanced Player's Guide as well.

Treyson Sanders is a new writer with Purple Duck Games and we finally released his Heroes of Azag-Ithiel the latests in our ever expanding player guides to the Lands of Porphyra Campaign setting. Treyson has actually written two additional volumes in this series (one on the Advent Imperiax, and one on the Hinterlands of Kesh) which will be released in the future. The next in this series will be the Heroes of the Birdman Mountains which should be out next month and is written by Mike Welham.

With the release of a new book comes the release of new stock art as well:

That is quite a bit of new art but we tend to cover our art costs eventually through a mix of product and stock art sales.

This Week...
There are several things I want to do this week but it looks like I have a whack of additional meetings that are going to expand my day-job time into my free time this week so I'm not sure how much of this can actually get done by my targets are:
  • Perry needs some data from me for Fehr's Ethnology Complete because he has taken over the compilation part of that project. 
  • Monster Advancement: Enhanced Undead is now 53% paid for already and I just finished the layout on the follow-up book called Monster Advancement: Enhanced Fey. It should be out this week.
  • Warrior Prestige Archetypes is due for another release this week, so I'll be working on finalizing the dual book - Mammoth Lord/Mammoth Rider.
  • I think I also want to start taking Carl's Martial Arts Archetypes book into layout so I can get a sense of its final scale and what kind of art I'm going to need for it.
  • I want to get another Monster of Porphrya II done. I'm thinking this new demon by Jayaraj Paul.
  • And... add some more content to the Porphyra wiki.
Hey, look at that I just got a text and our school is flooded. That certainly won't any complications to the week. Alright, I guess I better get to work.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

GM's Day, Break Evens, and Other progress

The Specialist by Gary Dupuis.
This was the start of the new block at school for me. So its been incredibly busy this week. Still I managed to get a few things done. First of there is GM's Day sales running or finishing up at many of our vendors. I think most of those sales are going to end right away so if there is something you have you eye on you had better act fast.

New Books
I wrote a stupid little inventory of spell components and focus for spells in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. It is currently on sale at Rpgnow. My cost on this arise solely from the art inside it (single image). Most of our Purple Duck Storerooms break even eventually. So far this on is 18% paid for already.

Break Evens
This week we broke even on the following products.
  • Monsters of Porphyra
  • X1 - The Unnamed Land
When a product breaks even, two important things happen.
  1. Any art that is available as stock art moves into profit sharing with the artist for involved.
  2. Purple Duck Games (myself) begins to make some money.
So it was nice to see Monsters of Porphyra to finally reach that threshold because it means that Gary Dupuis will get more money for the ton of art he has done for us and it means that its possible for a book that big to break even from us without doing it as a kickstarter or some other event. 

What Did I Work On This Week?
Mostly Paths of Power II. I didn't get a chance to do a heck of a lot of Purple Duck Games work this week but I did make some headway on this project. I was able to take about 14 pages through further development and layout including revising the reap ability for the reaper quite a bit. This is what that ability looks like right now.

Reap (Su): A reaper excises from the creatures he kills fragments of their souls. Soul fragments are the source of a reaper’s necromantic powers. When he deals enough melee damage to a target to drop it below 0 hp, or kills a dying or helpless target, he reaps 1 soul fragment from the creature. If he can reduce a target’s hp to a negative amount equal to or greater than its Constitution score with a single attack, he instead reaps 2 fragments. A reaper may only reap up to 3 soul fragments from a single creature. 
   The target must be a living creature with at least 3 Intelligence and HD equal to or greater than the reaper’s character level or its soul will not be potent enough for the reaper to use. A reaper can only possess a number of soul fragments at one time equal to half his class level plus his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1 soul fragment).  
   A reaper may spend a soul fragment as a swift action to gain a bonus on all attack and damage rolls made with a melee weapon until the beginning of his next turn. This bonus is equal to the reaper’s Intelligence modifier. 
   The reaper may not use this abilities on allies. If the reaper reaps an ally to gain soul fragments, he may never designate them as an ally nor may the target designate the reaper as an ally. This could exclude a reaper from benefiting from any class ability, feat, or spell abilities from that target that benefits allies.

This has a bit of Ryan's revision, Carl's revision, and my revision in it now. I think it addresses some of Endz's concerns on his review as well.

What Are My Plans For The Week?
According to my project management software, I'm going to be working on finishing up Heroes of Azag-Ithiel, this is the first book we've released by Treyson Sanders. He has a few Heroes of... books for us that are in the queue for release. Perry has a bunch of final edit notes on this one and I'll be pouring through them to try to get everything right on this release with the first upload. So my list for this week looks like this:

  • Send the 1st entry in Giants of Porphyra off to Perry. Post an open call for this book if all goes well.
  • Send Heroes of the Birdman Mountains to Perry for initial edits.
  • Finish Heroes of Azag-Ithiel and get it available for sale. 
  • Continue to push on through Paths of Power II.
  • Continue to work with freelancers and artists in the background.
It is should be a fairly busy week.