Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two out of Three Ain't Bad!

It has been a busy week at Purple Duck Games.

We released two new products this week. The first book out was Todd Stewart's expansion to the Porphyra mythology called Protean Lords of Porphrya.

Protean Lords of Porphyra by Todd Stewart
Art by Tamas Baranya
The second release was a further expansion to the covenant magic capsystem created by David Nicholas Ross. Julian Neale returns to covenant magic a second time with Covenant Magic: Futher Covenants.

Further Covenants by Julian Neale
Artwork by Rick Hershey and Gary Dupuis

Endzeitgeist has continued to review the Prestige Archetype classes with Arcane Trickster getting a focus this week.

I am still waiting on one playtest report before I share some data with an author on his module. This process has taken longer than I'm sure he wanted but sometimes these things need to be done.

We started to work with a new artist and Gary Dupuis turned in some art that will become part of Heroes of Azag-Ithiel which will be our fourth player's guide to Porphyra.
By Jayaraj Paul

By Gary Dupuis

I didn't manage to get the third release complete so we probably will not see it until the first week of February. This week is all about compilations because I'm backlogged on compiling things. My currently list looks something like this:

  • Paths of Power II
  • Prestige Archetypes
  • Fehr's Ethnology
  • Warrior Prestige Archetypes (once the series is complete)
And maybe
  • Legendary Items of Porphyra (Legendary I through IX plus X; but there will be some serious costs associated with this one)
I find if I do not allocate specific time to the compilations I don't make any headway on them because there are always too many new shiny things to do. But today is groceries and then sleep because I'm feeling really sick right now. Hopefully some of this is coherent. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Art begins to roll in...

Marlesh by Kristen Collins
Turn-Ins: We have many artists working on projects and as expected some of that art is now starting to roll in.

Additionally, Julian Neale turned in another two books this week.

Reviews: Endzeitgeist continues to work his way reviewing the Prestige Archetypes created by Carl Cramer. This week he looked at the Loremaster and the Chronicler.

Monsters: I returned to work (or more precisely Perry) returned to work on our Monsters of Porphyra II patreon project. So far Perry and I have contributed 50+ monsters to the second volume of our monster book. The newest entry being the undead defidi and the purity devil [both created by Perry and illustrated by Jacob Blackmon]. We gained a new patreon this week who offered up a number of monster suggestions to go into the book and as soon as Gary is finished up on the Heroes of Azag-Ithiel art I'm going to commission him for more Monsters of Porphyra.

The first Monsters of Porphyra volume is officially one year old this week. It was one of the first projects started by Purple Duck Games and was very much a product that was picked away at over the years as I found time between other projects. It looks like its about $80 away from breaking even and I think that over time it eventually will. It is very expensive to build a monster book without so that is why for the most recent one I've tried to use patreon to help offset some of my costs.

New Releases: We had no new products out this week but next we will have between 0 and 3 books out including:
Defidi by Jacob Blackmon

  • Covenant Magic: Further Influences by Julian Neale
  • Protean Lords of Porphyra by Todd Stewart
  • Warrior Prestige Archetypes: The Living Monolith by Carl Cramér

New Print: We had two books come into print this week:

Works in Progress: There are currently 9 freelancers working on writing projects for Purple Duck Games and 3 artists all engaged on a variety of products. New projects assigned this week include:

  • A new Legendary Races book by Julian Neale
  • An additional Faiths of Porphyra book by Todd Stewart
It should be a busy week as I work to finish up some of the new releases listed above. To close here is one of the symbols of the Protean Lords.

Kekissendri the Bladed Cadence
by Tamás Baranya

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Assassins of Porphyra

Cover Image by Storn Cook.
This was my first week back to school so I have had to get back into a different Purple Duck Games routine. That doesn't mean that work has stopped over here at Duck Headquarters though.

Julian Neale sent over another expansion for Covenant Magic on the 5th of January which was promptly sent on to Perry for editing and an additional two other products that were released to back to him from another publisher.

On the Porphyra front, I've continued to plug away at the website. Including putting up the Porphyran Assassin that was created by Carl Cramér for Assassins of Porphyra that was released on January 8th. It has currently covered 15% of its associated costs. Carl is working on Nobles of Porphyra as his next project.

We have a number of art orders that are currently in process:

  • Gary Dupuis is working on art for the Heroes of Azag-Ithiel.
  • Tamas Baranya is working on art for Protean Lords of Porphyra.
  • Matt Morrow is working on art for Mighty Deeds of Arms.
  • Kristen Collins is working on more aquatic NPCs.
Jerome the mawgriff
by Gary Dupuis
New reviews came in this week from Endzeitgeist on a number of Carl's prestige archetypes: Duelist, Shadow Monk, and Shadowdancer

Treyson Sanders also handed in some extra content I wanted for Heroes of the Advent Imperiax. So now he is going to move on to the Heroes of the Haunted Sea. 

Non-Purple Duck Stuff

  1. 4WFG alumni Robert and Connie Thompson just recently adopted a companion cat only to discover that it has a number of health problems. They are currently trying to raise some money via GoFundMe to help cover some of the medical bills. 
  2. Our Pathfinder game started up again this weekend. I'm playing the First Cartographer of the Siwath who is a flail-wielding anpur with training in druid and bard who rides a mawgriff. This is my second character in the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path. My previous character was a warpriest. We are in the first part of this adventure path so far. Our heavily-armored fighter with massive hit points sits in the rear of the party and fights with a crossbow. So naturally its up to the monk and the dual druid/bard to the bulk of the front line fighting. Luckily I have a carnivorous mawgriff to help.