Sunday, March 1, 2015

On to March

It is finally March and I think I'm more than happy to put January and February behind me. Both months were down in sales as they are usually after the Christmas season but year-over-year there were down 33% more than usual. So let move past that and concentrate on the rest of the year. One way to do that would be for people to take advantage of all the GM's Day sales that are going to be going on. In fact, I think the d20pfsrd has its sale already up and running with Rpgnow and Paizo to follow soonish.

Did you see that this week you could create your own cards for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and have them professionally printed? Tammy and I are big fans of the PACG and we have a regularly schedule game of it at our house. It would be awesome if 3PP could support the PACG like we do with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game but that is not on the offing I believe. However with the Create My Own Card feature on the site you can illustrate your own cards with some of the Purple Duck Games art, which is also cool.

In terms of in-house releases we have:

We only received on review in the last two weeks and it was for a Purple Duck Storeroom product.
Things I'm Working On
The truth of the matter is I'm working on very little this week. I teach at a high school and our final exams are on Tuesday with a new block starting starting this week. So I will have very little time for Purple Duckery this week. That said what time I do have is going to be focused on the Paths of Power II compilation. I find with all larger projects like this unless I dedicate a large block of time to it I don't make any headway on it. This is true for all the Heroes Of series as well as Deus ex Historica and Exploding Aces.

So what has been done
  • Cover done by Kristen Collins (several years ago I believe).
  • Chapter 1 - Core Races (p.3-23) 
  • Chapter 2 - Race Templates [aasimar, tieflings, elementalkin] (p.24-35)
  • Chapter 3 - Flaws (p.36-51)
Things not done
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction (to be written at the end - Robert? Perry? Sean? maybe all three)
  • Chapter 4 - Feats (p.52-77 currently); needs introduction, feat table and further edits.
  • Chapter 5 - Classes (p.80-114 currently); Awalim, Ayutthayan Monk, Brujo, Corsair, Hetaera, Infinyte are all in place; Yet to be added... Reaper, Sheriff, Shinobi, Timebender
  • Chapter 6 - Archetypes and PRCs (p.XX-XX) - Gladiator, Voyageur, Monk, Cavalier Order, Grave Tyrant PRC
  • Chapter 7 - Spells
  • Chapter 8 - Magic Items
Still rather a lot to do. Until this is clear, I will not be able to get on to the Prestige Archetypes compilation, Fehr's Ethnology archetypes, or the Warrior Prestige Archetypes. Let alone all the other things that need to get done. So for now, you should really see much in new releases. Let's focus on getting this done.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Quiet Week

At the Purple Duck Offices it was a quiet week... mostly because my day job this last week was anything but quiet. Still we have made it through and are now looking forward to a solid productive week of Purple Duckery.

A Chaos Giant (Fomoraig) for Monsters of Porphyra II by Jacob Blackmon
Knowing ahead of us what this week was supposed to be like we decided early on not to release any product this week beyond a couple entries on the Monsters of Porphyra II patreon account. On that platform this week we released the Soulherder (CR 20 Demon) and the Emph (CR 8 Aberration). I have a couple more Penumbra Bestiary monsters to finish up for that patreon and then I'm on to other sources. Several of which were recommended monsters by patreons plus whatever Perry and my dark little minds create.

I don't think we received any reviews this week. At a minimum we didn't receive any at the Rpgnow family of sites. It can be very time-consuming to track down reviews if reviewers do not tell you about them. When someone posts a review to Rpgnow publishers automatically receive an email but if you post to,, or post on a blog there is no way of knowing about it without constant searching. So to the best of my knowledge we recieved no reviews this week.

Coin Facada by Gary Dupuis
Perry is handling much of the development on new projects right now so that I can concentrate on doing layout. Currently he is working through a sphinx-related project and a new 1st level adventure. We probably will not see either of them until late March or early April depending on how things do. For myself, I just recently received a new class that I need to do some development on as well as review a file that Derek Blakely sent me last week. Kristen Collins is work on more aquatic NPC images and Gary Dupuis is also finishing up some art for Monsters of Porphyra II and I'll be sending him my next art order this week.

Things I Am Working On This Week
This week is a holiday week for me, which means I'm not at my day job at all and have tons of time to work on Purple Duck Games projects. Here are some of the things I want to work on this week.
  • Warrior Prestige Archetype: The Low Templar by Carl Cramer.
  • Heroes of Azag-Ithiel by Treyson Sanders
  •  Up to 5 monsters for the Monsters of Porphyra patreon account which will bring me to my monthly maximum of 8 monsters this month.
  • A crunchy book sent in by Julian Neale on Undead
  • A new class book from Brian.
That should be more than enough to focus work on this week. If I get stuck on things I'll take a break over at the ever-expanding site. Let's close with some art from Kristen Collins.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rangers, Monoliths, and Demons...

Demon, Soulherder by Jayaraj Paul
Soon to be part of Monsters of Porphyra II
This week I worked on a number of projects. First off, we released the seventh part of Carl Cramer's Warrior Prestige Archetype series. This time it was the tank-class known as the living monolith. The second commercial release this week was Perry Fehr's Rangers of Porphyra. Over at the Monsters of Porphyra II patreon, I updated the statistics for the Irrinja from the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary.

On the review front, Perry's Purple Mountain VIII: Domain of the Hidden God was reviewed by Endzeitgeist (4.5/5 + seal of approval). I believe Perry is currently working on Purple Mountain IX as well speak and I think its going to have some yakshas (image to the right) in it.

Julian need has submitted part of a Legendary Race release to Perry for some development. I sent Jeff Gomez some playtest notes for a 1st-level module that he has written. Some roughs of art for Monsters of Porphyra II came in this week from Gary Dupuis. They look awesome and I'd love to show you them but Gary doesn't like when I show his roughs so we will just have to wait until his line art comes in.

Stock Art
Our stock art selections continue to increase as we released several new images this week from Jacob Blackmon.

With the first Prestige Archetype series breaking even we moved all our stock art that was created for those products to profit-sharing with our artists that participate in that program. Once Monsters of Porphyra breaks even (currently 97.50% paid for) a whole ton of our stock art will move over to profit-sharing as well.

Things I'm Working on  This Week
  • Work on my section of Lands of Porphyra (as I am the principal hold-up on this book).
  • Complete at least two more monsters for the Monsters of Porphyra II patreon. As I have some more art by Jacob Blackmon and Jayaraj Paul that is waiting on statistics. This week I might try to complete my Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary, begin to delve into new books, or even post one of Perry's orignal demons.
  • Continue to develop the Porphyra website.
There are actually many, many other things I could be working on as well but I find I'm most successful when I give myself a small dedicated list of projects to work on.