Friday, July 18, 2014

Monsters of Porphyra - The Challenges

As I'm sure you know Monsters of Porphyra (on sale for 3 more days at the d20pfsrd) has been nominated for an ENnie in the Best Monster/Accessory category. It is up against some very illustrious competition from a number of well-known veteran companies. So think our best chance in taking this category* is be stealth and subterfuge. 

Step One - Release the Eyebeast (Paizo)
The eyebeast by Gary Dupuis
To start things off we would have to release the dread eyebeast her to "deal" with the people who would normally vote for the Pathfinder Bestiary 4. I think the dread beast is ideal for the task because we don't want harm to come to these people, heck some of them may be our supporters. So the eyebeast is going to have to be judicious with its eye beams. For the diehard Paizo supporters its going to have to use its sleep eyebeam to take them out of the voting, the slow eyebeam could be used on those people that are traditionally slow to complete things, and charm monster can be used to sway some of the votes out way. I was firm with the eyebeast there was to be no finger of death, flesh to stone, or disintegrate. I repeat No Disintegrations!
Step Two - Have the Invidian Replace Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Press)
Invidian by Gary Dupuis
Admitted the plan gets a little trickery here. I would have an invidian attempt to capture Wolfgang Baur perhaps posing as an artist who has a whole bunch of clockwork kobolds to sell him. Once captured the Invidian would replace Wolfgang and then posing as Wolfgang have a big Midgard contest. During the contest the Invidian will promised to give away a draft copy of Castle Shadowcrag which is a very hard to get book from when Kobold Press was called Open Design. Just after that patron project finished Wolfgang gave away one of the drafts of Castle Shadowcrag that was covered with notes and editor's marks. We sent me the copy and now it will come back to haunt him.... mhahahahahaha. With the contest running the Kobold Press and 13th Age customers will be to distracted to vote despite the hard work of the other Koboldians like Kobold Minion #1 - Shelly or Marc Radle. 

Step Three - The Grinning Death of Numenera
Grining Death by Gary Dupuis
Okay, let us be realistic here Numenera raise a half million dollars and it attracted the attention of 4,658 backers. Each of those backers had picked up Monsters of Porphrya for $1, I would have broken even by now and made a profit. That aside, that is a huge voting block to try to deal with. I think that means we have to pull out the big guns and summon an apocalyptic beast like Grinning Death colossal hyena of doom. Now we don't want Grinning Death to kill anyone just scare them away from computers and the voting for a week or so. If you look at the picture, the people in the wagon probably didn't make it out alive but that horse is clearly terrified. This is one of my favourite pieces of art in the book. Static monster are is great but I prefer the pieces by Gary where the adventurers are running for their lives or already in deep, deep trouble.
Step Four - The Moon's Daughter
Since plunder and adventure are the greatest goals of the satyrine pirates, turning them loose on the Creature Card Decks by Inkwell Ideas seems to be the best plan. With untold ferocity they can swoop down on any who have picked up the card decks and either steal the card decks or beguile their owners. I'm not picky as long as they get the job done and the satyrine are nothing if not efficient in their task for Nise would accept no less. The satyrine have a keen awareness of creature card information deck as they helped the Purple Duck Games crew with the creation of our Monster Knowledge Cards II that covers all the monsters in the Pathfinder Bestiary II in PDF or a 300 card deck. Plus it has grindylows on the cover.
* Purple Duck does not actually wish harm on any of the companies or voters in this contest nor does it actually have a dungeon full of monsters to do its bidding. Sad, right. In sincerity, congratulations to all the companies that were nominated at this years ENnies including those we are competing against.

Thank you for your consideration as voting opens up on the 20th. I have to go now I have a Shattered Star campaign to prep for and a Purple Mountain VII to finish.

On the topic of the other nomination we received for Best Electronic Book for FT 0 - Prince Charming, Reanimator I'm going to leave it to Daniel Bishop, the author, to tell you why you should vote for us because he is way better at it than I am.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monsters of Porphyra - The Unusual Suspects

When creating Monsters of Porphyra, I needed to work in co-operation with my initial backers to cover the monsters they wanted addressed while also trying to make sure we got a good range in opponent types. Below is the final list of creature types that went into the book.

Eyebeast (Aberration)
by Gary Dupuis
Aberration: corpse orgy, crystalline horror, dread eyebeast, eyebeast spawn, greenfeeder, maggot hound, ooze swallower, pain shrieker, paragon flumph, reaper, rognak burrower, scasm, scorpidrake, stillfiend
Animal: dragonnel, khuzdan jackal, mawgriff, reaper falcon, sea dragon, the savage hunt, tumble ox
(Aquatic): iron crab, mangonnel, sahratan, sarrenel, sea dragon
(Chaotic): faery regal, porphyrite golem
(Cold): devil dog, polarisk
Construct: clay archer, clay cavalryman, clay soldier, emerald golem, ioun remnant, ironwife, metal bandersnatch, porphyrite golem, ruby golem, sapphire golem, transforming blade sphere, transforming longship
Dragon: alaihar, dragon cuckoo, jade dragon, magi dragon, mangonnel, shimmer dragon
(Earth): jade dragon
(Evil): devil dog
(Extraterrestial): femanx
Fey: buggane, faery regal, femanx, forest fiend, glaistig, hymele, mezadevs, oakstump, satyrine, woodsong
(Fire): alaihar, Aurouscruor, steel ooze
(Giant): mimic troll, wereotyugh
(Good): asnae
Anpur (humanoid)
by Gary Dupuis
Humanoid: anpur, elf, knük, mimic troll, ogrillon, orc, orcam, polkan, wereotyugh, werestirge
(Incorporeal): sage whisperer, shebbah, the savage
Magical Beast: arglolf, asnae, burrow-mawt, devil dog, dragonnel, elder locust, elder purple worm, iron crab, kahrn, otyugh, polarisk, sarrenel
Monstrous Humanoid: asherake, dromopod, gnarl, invidian, ith’n ya’roo, kech, komori-ninja, rokurokubi, sahratan,
(Mythic): paragon flumph
Ooze: ice ooze, mirage menace, oozecrawler, ooze queen, steel ooze
Outsider: eventual, eye stealer, grinning death, the great decay, the rotting fang, void bat, void hound
Outsider (chaotic): alticorn of idumea, Fenrir, nature’s wrath, pseudonatural ogre, pseudonatural dire rat, x’sval
Outsider (daemon): erotodaemon
Outsider (devil): Hadriel
Outsider (earth): marunite
Outsider (elemental): njuzu
Outsider (evil): erotodaemon, fellmane, Fenrir, Hadriel, kaikodaimon, lernaeati, shiko-me, striga, x’sval
Outsider (fire): kaikodaimon
Outsider (good): alticorn of idumea, lord of vultures, nature’s wrath
Quickgrass (plant)
by Michael Scotta
Outsider (lawful): Hadriel, revoker, striga
Outsider (native): eventual, eye stealer, marunite, njuzu, the great decay, the rotting fang
Outsider (water): njuzu
Plant: arboreal nemesis, gelatinous flower. osilath geminion, quickgrass, xydred
(Psionic): femanx, marunite, pattern of suffering, rognak burrower
(Shapechanger): invidian, shiko-me, wereotyugh, werestirge
(Swarm): carnage beetle swarm, stirge swarm
Template: amalgam creature, apocalyptic creature, beast lord, bygone creature, elder beast, ironclad lich, magical beast, monstrous lycanthrope, paragon creature, pseudonatural creature, spirit creature, transforming construct, vampiric dragon, void beast
Undead: Aurouscruor, barrow wight, fukuranbou, knollman, octospine, pattern of suffering, sage whisperer, shebbah, zombie rat
Vermin: carnage beetle, deathspire beetle, gothic beetle

Monsters of Porphyra is available in PDF at Paizo and d20pfsrd (on sale), in PDF/Print at Rpgnow, and in distribution at your friendly local game store.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The ENnie Award nominations were announced yesterday and Purple Duck Games received two nominations this year. (

In the category of Best Electronic Book we were nominated for Daniel Bishop's Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible module called FT 0 - Prince Charming, Reanimator. This is the first part of Daniel's Faerie Tales of Unlit Shores campaign arc for the Dungeon Crawl Classics system.

Here is what Daniel originally wrote about it.

This product comes about due to the confluence of several factors.

First, I had planned to do a series of fairy tale-based adventures for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, titled Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores. The idea was to combine classic fairy tales with one or more strong Appendix N influences, to create something that accentuated the folkloric (and often dark) fey elements of the original tale and the adventurous energy of Appendix N fiction.

Second, my good friend Raechel Henderson, who was the first person to ever pay me for a piece of writing, had a Kickstarter project that was moving slowly. I asked my readers to help spread the word about Raechel’s project, in return for which I would write a free adventure. The adventure you are now reading is that free adventure. Her project, Spellbound and Spindles, is related to fairy tales too, making this a perfect tribute to those who contributed either with dollars or links. More information on her project can be found at

Finally, Mark Gedak of Purple Duck Games not only agreed to publish the follow up series of fairy talebased adventures, but also to publish the free adventure  professionally. You will be seeing at least five more adventure in this series, creating a full arc from 0-level to level 5. If they are popular, I (or others working with Purple Duck Games) might do more. 

This beastie killed four in my playtest group.
I hope you like them.

We originally released this book as in a Pay-What-You-Want form so that I recoup the cost of the cartography (by Kristen Richards) and art (by Luigi Castallini). Since the pdf version was always meant as a promotion it was only available at Rpgnow (and not Paizo or d20pfsrd). Since its release we have managed to get it into print at Rpgnow and on Amazon. With the art and cartography paid for now, all proceeds from this products is split between Daniel and Purple Duck Games.

I originally planned to playtest this at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous in Montana in October of 2013 but I couldn't attracted enough players interested in the system. So I playtested it at home with my Pathfinder group. 

The sequel to Prince Charming, Reanimator is out in PDF at Rpgnow, Paizo, and the d20pfsrd as well as in print at Amazon. (Creeping Beauties of the Wood). There might even be a coupon for it hidden over on the Goodman Games, 3rd Party Products forum.

In the category of Best Monsters/Adversary we were nominated for Perry and my Monsters of Porphyra. This is the book I started working on at the beginning of Purple Duck Games and its had even more trials and tribulations as I wrote about here in the books introduction. This bit is a bit long but I get to show off a bunch of Gary Dupuis's art in the process.

I love monster books. Th is probably does not come as a surprise to you if you are already holding a copy of this book in your hands. It is now 2014, and we have finally released Monsters of Porphyra for your use and enjoyment. What ended up as Monsters of Porphyra, originally started off as the Monster Update Project back in August 2010 the first product for sale from Purple Duck Games. Stefen Styrsky and I had just turned over our final draft of Forgotten Foes to Bret Boyd of Tricky Owlbear Publishing. I had decided to start a small press company of my own to be able to produce
the products I wanted to make. My pitch for the Monster Update Project to customers was this:
  • The Monster Update Subscription is year long project in which you get direct our writers to update your favourite OGC monster from previous 3.X sources to the current Pathfinder ruleset. Each customer was allowed to select 5 monsters for Stefen and Mark to update to the new rules plus all the other monsters selected by other subscribers.

Corpse Orgy
by Michael Scotta
That is where the project started over three years ago. As we started to get customers for this project, we eventually started other projects like the Legendary Treasure series, Legendary Classes, Purple Mountain and a host of other things. As Purple Duck Games got fully underway, I lost
my writing time to layout, editing and development. Also my initial plan of bringing  the book out in sections as Monsters Unleashed was not profitable at all, so the product got delayed as I needed to gather an impressive array of art for the final book (about 110 pieces in total). Some of this art will be familiar to you as I put some of it up as stock art for publishers to use but it was almost all initially commissioned for this project with Gary Dupuis doing most of the heavy lifting on this project. It was great to have Gary join us. 

While I was juggling other projects, a number of other bestiaries and tomes of monsters were released and some of the monsters I had originally agreed to convert had been done by other companies. Th is eradicated a bunch of our text as replacements needed to be found for any creatures we didn’t have art for already. There are still a handful of duplicate monsters in here but they had already been released in Monsters Unleashed so I decided to keep them in.

Oakstump by Gary Dupuis
This book is the largest product that Purple Duck Games has produced from start to finish and the biggest project that I have personally developed for my company. Even though we have branched into the Dungeon Crawl
Classics Roleplaying Game and other systems in the last year, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is still the game closest to my heart. I can’t wait to subject my players to more of these monsters and I can’t wait to hear how you
torment your players with monsters you find within these pages.

If you want to support us in creating more monster conversions and updates please consider supporting the patreon project for Monsters of Porphyra II at:

That is were we are today. We now have an ENnie nomination, a 5-star review from Endzeitgeist, a 5-star review from Megan. It is available in Print/PDF at Rpgnow, in PDF at Paizo, in PDF at d20pfsrd (currrently on sale), and in your local game store via Studio2Publishing who handles out distribution.

So far we have 48 monsters created or converted for Monsters of Porphyra II. It will not be another 3 years until the second volume it out.

Please remember us on July 20th-July 30th when voting opens.