Monday, May 18, 2015

Avoodim, Dhosari, Dragonblood, Erkunae, Eventual, Ith'n Ya'roo, Kripar, Polkan, Qi'tar, Urisk, Xesa, and Zendiqi

Xesa jungle avatar by Gary Dupuis
Compilations and Workflow
The big project for the week has been finishing Fehr's Ethnology Complete. It is in Perry's hands right now getting a final list of edits and additional text. When he is done I'll be making corrections and uploading it to subscribers at the three sites next weekend. Then it it will be uploaded for print and a proof copy will be ordered. The final book will not be available for wide release until the print version is ready to go.

I'm excited for the release and relieved that it is finished. This book has languished too long in my hands and the compilation has come too slowly as a result. I need to work on improving a number of processes over here on my side of the keyboard to allow things to go a bit smoother.

Line art came in from Gary Dupuis on a number of pieces including the jungle avatar to the right as well as a new zendiqi and a couple of sacredote npcs for an upcoming book by Carl Cramer. Luigi Castellani also got me a couple of pieces of art I needed for CE 2 - The Black Goat so that the book becomes meaty enough to become available in print as well. On the list of projects I don't really need to do to increase my workload, I've decide to restart my pinterest account and have been slowly adding more and more of our art to it. You can follow it here.
Mamhat Toth by Luigi Castellani

There have been four new reviews this week that I know of:

Monsters of Porphyra II
I haven't converted or created many monsters lately. I have a good number of pieces of art stacked up for it though so I am going to try to get a few more done for this patreon before the end of the month. The patreon has been a big help to this project and I can't thank my supporters enough for helping to offset the art costs on this book. The newest entries are:

Which are both also uploaded to the porphyra wiki.

Coming Next
Next I need to work on a few more monsters for the patreon and get a couple more books ready for print and then I will be back to the Warrior Prestige Archetypes series or Heroes of... series. The compilation on Paths of Power II is now on hold until July when I can get some dedicated time to work on it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Campaign Elements in 6" x 9"

On Art
I have quite a bit of art orders out there right now.

  • Brian Brinlee is working on monsters for the Monsters of Porphyra II patreon.
  • Gary Dupuis is finishing up some material for Fehr's Ethnology and Legendary Classes: Sacredote.
  • Kristen Collins is working on a number of aquatic NPCs for someone I have never talked about.
  • Jayaraj Paul is working on monsters for the Monsters of Porphyra II patreon project.
  • Matt Morrow is working on a number of NPCs for Carl Cramer's Nobles of Porphyra.
  • Justine Stillborn is working on some art for Carl's upcoming book on Martial Arts Archetypes.
I think that is all I have out right now for art orders. If you are doing art for me and I've forgotten you from the list don't worry, keep working and we will sort it out later.

On Print
This week, I've started work on revising all of the campaign element books into a 6" x 9" format. This should make it possible for us to offer each and every one of the Campaign Elements in print format. I have most of them uploaded for sale right now and I'm waiting on print-proofs to come in before they can go active. I also managed to get a print-version of Steel and Fury uploaded and Legendary Races: Sphinx.

On Reviews
We got a new review this week about Carl's Prestige Archetypes series.

On Writing
There are a number of pieces currently being written including:

  • Perry Fehr is working on Heroes of Erkusaa, Purple Mountain VIII.
  • Carl Cramer is doing some development on a couple of classes for me.
  • Daniel Bishop is working on a new Campaign Element for DCC.
  • Marzio Muscedere is working on a DCC funnel.
  • Justin Sluder is working on some NPCs for me (I just don't have the time for that work anymore).
  • Treyson Sanders is working on another Heroes of...
  • There are several authors working on Giants of Porphyra
  • And a bunch of other projects I am not ready to talk about.
I am working on Monsters of Porphyra II and Lands of Porphyra.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We return in May!

April has been insanely busy in my primary work. We will return to regular updates in May. In the meantime, I'm going to put this cover here from Rick Hershey.